A Nice Couple

 Joanne and Jimmy 

“Where you coming from?” he said

“Down there…”

“Alone?” his wife asked

“No. My pal stayed in the car. We ran out of gas.”

“Oh no…”she said

“You’re lucky that we just got out of church” the old man said. “Here, jump in.”

 Sometimes I think there’s such a thing as Karma, and man, I got lucky running into such a nice couple. They had good smiles and a warm truck. I sat on the passenger side and his darlin’ Joanne was in the middle. She told me about a pumpkin festival that was coming up around here in October. “Yeah, I should come back around here sometime… BY MYSELF” I said.

It was a nice day and the air smelled like a farm. The window was rolled down and I was pumping. I would have traded my friend for these people in a heartbeat; they were calm and…

DAMN! I couldn’t believe my eyes because Jimmy pulled out his black wallet and gave me a hundred dollar bill.

“Holy shit” I said…”OH…um sorry for my language. Are you sure?”

“We can’t leave you here on the side of the highway” He said

“You could” I said

“I would hope someone would do this for us” Joanne said

“I will… well if I ever see you on the side of the road and I hope I don’t but…if you write your name and address down I can…”

“Now what’s your name” Jimmy asked

“Henry. Henry Oldfield.”

“Henry, if a young man is walking on the side of the road like you are, looking like you are, and this man is out of gas, now do you think I should expect him to pay me back?”


“Good answer. Hop-in and let’s go. Where’s the car?”

“Oh… just down there.”

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