“Go as far as you need to go.”

Last night, Montague and North Muskegon, the Lake Shore and being forced out of my depression.

Last night, the highway and Coopersville and downtown Grand Rapids; being told to, “come on man, you’re getting old. Enjoy what’s left of your youth. Just settle down and nope, you’re coming.” Words from Jake, saying, “dude, damn dude, come on and practice what you preach.”

Last night, country roads and spray painted city alleys, rest stops and so many slowly moving turtles driving on the american roads, turtles that we call semi-trucks.

Last night, smokes and friends,  old friends and new friends, girls and girls, so many girls, often, girls were on the mind.

Last night, Michigan and Illinois, Chicago and the flat-lands of Indiana.

Last night, “Come on”. You’re going man”, and “what’s final is final”. Words from an old pal, a sane man. Words from Jake telling me to calm my nerves and remember who I am.

Streets and down the highway out of Michigan and, “where are we going?”

“We’re going to Nashville” Jake Said.


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