Digital Blinks #18, Snow

I’m writing a new book. It’s done. I wrote it. Nothing. Life is practice. Days are never to be forced. Dreams are to be had. Life is not a game. Driving and watching and talking, sleeping at rest stops and learning, trying to remember, and only through practice does it become natural. You know what to do. To flow, to be the spontaneous slow pitched lion’s roar. Cold but warmer than ever. Time and unconditioned and welcoming like a brother the repressed laughter  Hearing you all. There for you all. Trying to hear your voices, alone. Classifications and dualism are erroneous illusions of the romantic drunk. Unnecessary, all of this, so easy, but without practice  so hard to remember when…I stop and wait. I have some new material. A whole new book. I have to go think. I have to keep practicing. Remember, without, remembering.

CIMG0064 CIMG0071 CIMG0072 CIMG0073 CIMG0077 CIMG0095 CIMG0096 CIMG0097 CIMG0105 CIMG0110 CIMG0111 CIMG0112 CIMG0113 CIMG0114 CIMG0116 CIMG0117 CIMG0118 CIMG0120

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