Bullets (and then, bed…)

  • Always start a new part of your life with an old song that just darts through your head for no reason at all, and in that, you’ll make a new reason. Uh?
  • Turning a novel into a novella is as difficult as it is explaining what the difference between the two are, and both are fucking ridiculous social divisions that make me want to just walk away from the conversation
  • I always remember every person I’ve ever met at their finest moments that only exist within my mind. In that, I’ve loved and suffered. In that, you’ll shrug your shoulders, saying what a weird thing to say. In that, even those dead, well you’ll always be remembered for what you are not, but could, always be.
  • there is a bat flying on the porch, garden cat is back, he’s all grown up now, and I used to be scared of bats like a mother fucker. But for some reason I’m like whatever bat, we can both live here. I don’t think the animal will bite me, and if it does, well I probably have earned it.cheers. (I take a shot, you take a shot in your dream land)
  • What’s the 5th dimension, and um, can you write from it?
  • Back to the books I’ve fallen hard
  • Note to self, an idea for a collection is that after visions is done compile your summer writing journal and poetry and cut scenes, best of from blog and make it into a collection
  • The animals come out at night. I write at night. What don’t you get?
  • oh by the way, I’m just sitting here outside and a cat just walked passed me and went into the porch. I said, cat, what ya doing, you don’t live here. Then I said whatever, because I don’t really care what that cat is doing.
  • Below is only for the brave, the bored, for me, the doctor writer with his recorder, for those with a written open mind; it’s my own 30 minute radio/ writing workshop, and it’s all about Reading from my book, editing ideas, talking about plot , talking about what novella/novel literary device, bats and animals and mice, the beats, spontaneous prose, breakups and life. I had to whisper because of society. Just thoughts and being a rambling man.  Designed to be used with stereo headphones. 

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