And so, keepin’ on with this constant passing, of Time

So shoot kid, yeah, well we’re here alright.

And passed record stores and coffee shops, man, just passed so many drug stores and dog stores, well yeah, I’m burnt man, just burnt, and all heck, and as nothing changes, I’m back at…IT, but really, nope, I never left.

And what ya got to say boy, well huh, so I feel like the clouds this summer. I just don’t know how to do it, how to rain down, you know, get all of this dank  humidity out of my system, and it doesn’t hurt, but it’s there, and whatever this-in-which I feel is, well huh, yeah, fuck, it’s just ta’ trying its best to claw its way out from beneath my smudged-up skin. I feel it, often enough I see it, cause let me tell ya’, this shadowy thing  dances in burnt out light-bulbs and tis’ bounced a’ right back ta’ me, towards my dilated pupils, and they’re spot-on and a’ lookin’ so deadly, and man, oh how they’re transfixed within the sounds of the running water that bubble particles made up out of soap-spots that betray gravity and float up towards pulsating lips that bloat when graced upon the mirror, and from this smoke that sometimes changes the color of these two eyeballs, well yeah, I spark a note, a voice, a laugh track, and who knows, it hasn’t told me when it’s going to take over, so I grin, drink a sip, and well, yeah, I’m Keeping on with the keepin’ on; I just ta’ keep a walking and a walking and well sure man, you bet, I’m just a breathing like the man, the dreamer man, the monkey man, the kid who knows that he can dream all he can, until time say ah no more. And as he walks, well he knows, that he’s still  just ta’ defined by the hearts of the world at war who spit words of fear, hope, same thing, any words to say with a roll of them eyes, and that symbolic interaction, well that gets them to feel better, like a pill, and it negates their pain, and this is why they do it, this is why they gossip about this walking bare-foot man, and hell yeah, I’m still a living by the strings of my heart. Why not? I mean, it hasn’t gotten me anywhere yet…

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