The absurdity of Apple, of Foxcon, of the Now Generation

( based on a story I’ve been following for a while)

I don’t usually post about politics, but were almost coming up on the one year anniversary of occupy wall street, it’s a huge political year,one that may change the course of what we as society believe to be defined as what’s right and wrong on a humanistic foundation, and what often gets forgotten about, is the outsourcing problem that has not only hurt the United States economy, but also in my opinion, has galvanized the world and the workers, and on a local level, here in the States, this major crack in our business model has been hitting at home and depressing the american families and dividing the young college graduates, giving them little or no hope to dare to dream about the future. It’s the now generation, at least for a large majority of people around the ages of 22-35.

This is a video I made about foxcon who made workers sign a suicide contract, and also, this long forgotten story, was brought back up in my imagination after: “A Foxconn executive has stirred up yet more controversy, after stating Apple’s as-yet-unannounced next-gen iPhone (popularly called the iPhone 5) would put Samsung’s newly launched Samsung Galaxy S3 to shame.”—good for you. Oh Society…

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One thought on “The absurdity of Apple, of Foxcon, of the Now Generation

  1. I’m no conspiracy theorist, but well within a couple hours that I posted this my old gmail was destroyed by somebody who doesn’t care or doesn’t like me. This wouldn’t be that big of a deal, and still i’ll get over it, but I guess this means that spontaneous revolution is gone, so is errand boy philosopher blog, as well as my youtube page. Blah.

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