A few Words and a few Digital Blinks.

Back to the basics. Back to the Adventure, the adventure of being Human…

So-so, everything’s so strange, right? And it’s weird, that we’re human, right? Right!

Anyway a few weeks ago some humans within society asked me why I didn’t get involved with the other writers and artists and neo-politicians of america more.  I did. And taking their advice I went out and said what was on my mind. People didn’t like me then. I got frustrated. I became mean.

Being mean hurts me emotionally, it made my art, my writing, it made my life dark. This isn’t me, well not most of the time. I want to write about life, and so I do, but people have gossip, all kinds of gossip. I fell for the trap. I typed like a mad man looking for peace.

So taking a more writer-man-hands-on stance and meeting and talking to the people was giving me one hell of an existential crisis, and let’s just say I was not happy. So yesterday as I stayed in bed and slept I remembered a couple of truths that I discovered many years ago but somehow misplaced and then got lost in the bottom of my old writers toolbox. One is that times are tough. Unique social problems that have never happened in the modern-tense are there. People say that it happens every generation and get over it. I don’t understand these types of passive responses that corresponds to a human as they age.

I say why? Why not address the social cracks in the sidewalks and roads and the paths alongside nature that everyone walks by everyday of their life? These blemishes only pass on to the kids, to our kids who aren’t even born yet, and then you too tell them to get over it and grow up. I just don’t understand this. It confuses me.

And I had ideas, radical ideas, like reading books and what not, and I tried and spoke up in public discourse, and so, people said you’re strange and no way, that won’t work; you know, stuff like that. This is ok, because I don’t wan’t to run the world and I don’t care about being a leader; those people with a far less humanistic vision of the world run things right now, and they don’t really like me.

So I go back. I go back to my adventure. I go back to not giving a shit, well not really. I go back to growing up. I go back to believing in myself. I go back to smiling and jumping off bridges and climbing fences with signs that read do not enter. I ask why not? There’s nothing over there but earth, but freedom.

The world is flat to so many people. Red lights and warning lights and stop-stop and do- not-go-there-kinds of lights. So many flat land world views within so many people, but it’s all there and I can see it. I tried to show them, in person, and huh they said; they didn’t like the sound of my voice, er’ somethin’.

And so yeah, I go back to find out what’s over the horizon within myself. I’ve learned once again that life is a movie, your movie, you can only lead by example, and peace can only be seen if they see it in you.

Yeah occasionally I’ll bring the harsh truth to the masses, but it’s dark, it’s so very dark and sad. I can’t do that to myself, I want to be happy, and so for now I will go back to the wonder of life, the imaginary, the make-believe, and I do this not because I want to isolate myself off from society, but rather because these former attributes of the mind are as real as the dark truths that are sprouting from the depths of our global world. For now, I go back to the adventure, and as I tip-toe away from the speakeasy I hope to make people think and say “yeah, but what if?”

And I can only help people grow if I grow, if I too say such amazing questions, but then after I wonder and ask, well then my friends I have go one step further, further out there towards the unknown and follow that up with these words: “and so what else? What else could be over there?”

Thank you for reading. Here are a few more shots.

4 thoughts on “A few Words and a few Digital Blinks.

  1. Keep questioning, pushing buttons that say don’t push and ignoring Do Not Enter signs. I have found for me it makes the journey much more interesting if occasionally less smooth

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