Old Notes for adventures of a dying young man


 For record:

 Adventures of a Dying Young man (by the numbers)

 4186 words tonight

8306 last night

Words Left until full third draft of book is done: estimated 35,000 words

Total Count of book as of 6/1/2012: 77,000

Total word count of book if hopefully it’s done by next Friday: pushing a generous 115,000 words

I would like the book to be no more than seventy thousand words, and that would be a little more (give or take) of a respectable number of 225 pages.

Amount of time I’ve spent writing and drafting this book: Almost 2 years.

 I would like to be done by next Friday and have the whole damn complete manuscript done so I can start editing and reading for continuity and any massive problems before proofs are even thought about being printed. Note to self: this is fun, remember that. There’s no time to ask why. You’re tired. Make sure to stretch and walk and exercise. It’s just life. It’s just what you love. Also no shaving the writing beard until full manuscript is done. Got it? Go

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