Postmodern Artist In Exile

Hello. I’m going to be off the web for the next five days so I wanted to leave you something interesting and maybe help you connect some dots. Below is a PDF file that allows you to sample read my first book called Post Modern Artist in Exile that I completed way back in 2006-07.

I’m in the middle of reediting and releasing all of my work among with my new projects. The book contains two sections: The first Short Fiction in Novella is all about the very beginning of Henry Oldfield’s world. This is where this character began to take shape. I was still in college when I wrote this and so it has more in your face philosophical ideas than I use nowadays. It is far less spontaneous. I still was learning as I still am, and there are about five short fiction prose sections, kinda odd and clunky, but they go together and center on a rocking chair and the wind. Here you will meet Henry and his mother right after she gives birth to him. Not sure how this is, but its old and I like it, so I post.  The two parts I share with you are titled Mild Wind in the summer night, and, The Rebirth of the Greatest Generations.

The second part of this collection is centered on sociological commentaries discussing the postmodern and artistic existence. I should have this book reedited and back out by the end of June. Thank you for reading. I work hard, and it really does mean so much to me that whoever reads this actually takes the time and does. Have a good week society.  Ps. the picture is the original cover that I printed in hardcover for the original pressing of this novella. It is 122 pages long. I will be printing it again in both hardcover and softcover. 

Post Modern Artist in Exile, sample

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