One Plug, another project, and another blog.

I’m not really going to do this ever again,  so that these two concepts can live and breathe on their own, but this is West Vine Press. I’m going to be doing some really exciting things with it, and yeah, it’s just me, but still if you have any ideas or anything just let me know, or just keep a close but always faint thought open for transmissions, because I have a feeling it might possibly be a good Idea. I have no clue if it will work out. And I don’t even know what it is yet. I definitely know what it is not, what it’s not about. But yeah, I won’t post on this blog about West Vine Press, besides when books are released. So take it or leave it. Thanks. It’s only about the printed word. It’s only about being alive.

2 thoughts on “One Plug, another project, and another blog.

  1. Sometimes as Richard Bach tells us characters on the printed page can often be more alive than many people you meet :) Looking forward to checking the other blog

    1. Thanks, it’s a bunch of work and with how much time I put into writing I didn’t really know how, and I did for about a year, to play with the publishers world, I got way too bored and felt like I was wasting my time, so I thought why not just do it yourself and if you trust yourself, you should trust your unknown motivations. Life is strange, you can hope all you want, self doubt is something that I constantly fight; how will others perceive my artistic ways, but also I always wonder if I’m ready yet, but I could say that til I’m sixty and maybe will, you get one life and why not follow your insticts. I mean I’ve worked hard on becoming a good person , just as much as I have on writing, so I have to trust myself, allow myself to fail, for that is how I’ve grown in the past.

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