The Bizarre Adventures of Dinosaur Africa Monk-Bird and his Rainbow Colored Goldfish

For my post today I’m going to show ya the new story I’m working on at the moment. I get up everyday and try to pull myself out of bed, and then I go back to sleep. Next I adjust to the day and I smoke a smoke and drink some coffee, do some stretching and then type for one whole page on the typewriter, and I do this everyday. Even in your editing process you should be working on something new, have exercises while you’re writing; so I write some words out of the dictionary and then copy some paragraphs out of some books, such as today I copied some shelley and Chekhov. Next I write my page and then help out with the social world, eat, and then about midnight I start editing until 5 or 6 am. Works for me. Somedays it turns into a job, which sucks, and you’re like I don’t want to go to work today, but people have to do what they do, or so im told, so I struggle to get my  bones to work. Next back to writing, and then well, I forget once im at work and in the flow again. Then I drink and go to bed and do the same thing until infinity.

The story is called The Bizarre Adventures of Dinosaur Africa Monk-Bird and his Rainbow Colored Goldfish, and it’s about some cool dude who knows that he’s in a dream but doesn’t care cause he’s just there. They don’t have telephones in this world, as in physical objects, only mind phones and brain mail, and he is informed that he has a mission by some guy that goes by the name The Inspector. Ok. bye.

The Bizarre Adventures of Dinosaur Africa Monk

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