Random Saturday Thoughts


On my Generation:

This really was the end of happiness for me. All these years later, I’m still pissed about this system. Sega Cd is when america at last started to fall apart, the end of the golden years, the end of innocence. Sega Cd can be blamed for every major problem in my life. It sucked.

On Writing: 

Earnest Hemingway said, and I paraphrase from memory, “You want to be a writer do ya? Did you have a happy childhood? You did. Well I’m sorry Sunny Rocker, but you can’t be a writer then.”

On fast Food and Spring cleaning:

I’m not really for Doritos tacos, but I’m not really against them either. The proof is all over my sweater. P.S. and FYI, A Good way to get rid of that Michigan winter smell in your garage, Let a bottle of cheap Chardonnay free-fall out of a cheap plastic bag, exploding on the concrete ground. Yeah, smells like polish wine country in there now.

On Prizes

Why does society even waste prizes on the Dali Llama? Seems kinda absurd if you ask me.

On Wall Street News:

Best Buy is facing hardships, closing thousands of stores nationwide. I hate best buy. I worked there when I was in college. They made us do jumping jacks and run around the building, to, as they said, get pumped for the day. I wonder where the corporate drones will find employment when soon this country will be our country. The gel has run dry

On Freedom:

“Freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose.”

On Solar Flares:

Um. Space weather is not understood very well by the MAN on the streets, and um, whatever.

On Favorite person of the week:

Billy, asked him if I could call him Billy Dee (Lando), and he said it was A-OK, well he works at Goodwill and recommended a sweet pair of shades. Now I can go out and rock the free world, and nobody can see my eyes. Billy Dee of Goodwill corp, this Wednesday friendz-day belongs to you and your city in the clouds. I Think I may hit the cages today. Nice

On Contradictions:


On Science

The basic point of entanglement is that the behavior of objects at spatially separated locations is random yet coordinated. Two (or more) particles behave as a single indivisible system, no matter how far apart they are. Indeed, even to speak of “particles” in the plural is a falsehood; we see them as individual parts, but they possess collective properties that cannot be partitioned.

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