Writing Advice from names forgotten#1

Some of this I recalled from other authors who have talked about writing. Some of it is what I’ve discovered After writing for ten years. What aspects are mine, and what aspects are others, I don’t know. This is mostly for me. You write things to drill wisdom into your mind, so you remember. Might help. Might not. Take it or leave it.

Stop working on your novel for the day even if you could keep typing onward, before you get tired, leave that day of novel writing at a place where you know it can be picked up again. After about 1500 words the creative mind gets distracted by the sunlight and other tasks of the day. So quit while you’re ahead. Leave the next line to the next day. Never quit when you don’t know what will happen. Never mid scene. Stop when the eyes are about to reopen after a short blink..blink. After the hole is covered. Before the door opens. Wait. Go outside in real life. Let the novel exist on its own, simmering, until even on low heat, your narrative boils over into the next writing session. Stop at your cliffhanger, only when you know what happens next. Not before. Don’t go further. Water it, leave it alone. A novel takes a long time. But it’s worth it. Promise.

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