Day 157 (writing a novel #5)


As already said: I wrote the first draft of my new novel all on the typewriter (NOTE: a couple chapters were composed using the Hanx typewriter simulator app, which if I did a review I’d give an A(+) for it’s digital but non invasive word processing) But the novel, it’s a mess. Over three hundred thousand words all typed up in the spontaneous prose method now have to be synthesized and compounded tightly into a working draft that will make up a book. It’s going to take me a year to do this. Current word count is eight thousand six zero four. So today, house to myself, no work, fuckin’ nice, and after doing a coat of polyurethane on the almost done bathroom (floor) project, before I dork out to Star Trek discovery, I’m going old school and working on the train wreck novel. This is what I live for. Fun…times. Oh damn. P.S.: This is why you don’t light a big candle when you’re working with paper hidden out of view by the screen of your computer, because placing a finished page behind the computer I’m thinking and then I smell smoke and see fire now—I’m blowing out fire—holy shit—writing is dangerous. But all is well. The cat is looking at me like he can’t believe I did that. We are fine cat. Nothing even happened. End writing session; it’s time for final coat of polyurethane and then the mirror universe. Thank you for reading.


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