Questions and Concepts Possibly Found In An Upcoming Short Story Collection #1

(first sample, then questions)



Social media and neural networks, the evolution of artificial intelligence and what intelligence means, what makes up an intelligent being? The possible evolution, and or, the changing concept of death connected to a more technological driven human culture, keeping family members alive through mediated projects, such as three dimensional avatar creation, correlating networks into an artificial likeness of a loved one now dead. Shared like a tweet, or a picture book, that is stored in the new library of Alexandria named the cloud. What does this mean, and how could this impact our culture? In not just relation to dead and living, but our emotional pallet which has stayed pretty much the same for thousands of years? Also, in relation to job creation and the future of the reporter and data collector? How will this impact the future of the journalist and the freelance writer?

A new short story collection, is coming soon, written by Andrew H. K. 

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