One more night

Another day and another chance to get sick. The rain is nothing short of a joke. The beard grows and the days are numbered for the people that say huh…even though they’re not confused, they’re just tired. The snake skin on the grass and the hawk over head. The people are nice until they are tired. That’s what it is, it’s nothing but being tired. The rain falls down and the clock spins out of control. The month has been short and long at the same time. The spirit of the future is waiting for more rain, and the time of your life is nothing short of a wait…wait…what word should I say now. There’s dirt and grass like pieces of paper and down from the tent there is a lake. There is so much and will it rain again…oh…I don’t know. I don’t care. I don’t stand a chance. Because people are tired at the end of the day. Words and motion and the hell of it all. Bricks and buildings and let’s start over. Let’s have another laugh. Let’s slow down. One more night. There’s been so many before this one. So what’s one more….

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