Digital Blinks # The Allegro of The Summer of Chaos

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So I’m thinking that I’m going to write a short book about this summer, because that is what I do and it has been wild. And It is towards the end of the adventure (I think) and so to recap I’ve traveled around the country since the last week of April trying to work and just all around adventuring. Anyway so the lowest point of the relative narrative for me was when I was stranded in Boston (the last real conflict happened on Walden ST Cambridge when my friend walked away because he missed his girlfriend and left me stranded working for a moving company owned by somebody I met on craigslist) trying to get back to Michigan. As the story goes, I somehow did make it back to Michigan, but I don’t have a real home because I’m broke and so I’m camping and then well… this happened…

 Life is strange. full circle. I’m down at this campsite, and I’m smoking a smoke and talking to a kid named Dan (who picked a site right next to mine) who graduated with a mathematics degree and he just arrived from the other side of the lake. this is day 40 of his cross-country bike trip. he started in Seattle and is moving to Cambridge. he’s from Boston. Honestly I said, what are the chances. seriously life is cool. I gave him a book of mine, and so in a way I’m going back east. Gnarly seashell. organized chaos. I think that’s what existence is.

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