Deleted Introduction To A Book

I was going to use this introduction (I wrote this a while ago) for what is going to be a short story collection. It was decided that all my fiction short stories will be in the first volume and that the book will be renamed. I want to put a giant hardcover book out and as the indie publisher cant publish a book that is over 600 pages long, because that costs many dollars, the book (one of two books written by me left that will be published by the end of two thousand fourteen. The other one will be, Book C, Adventures of a Dying Young Man, Part One, The Fear and The Going. For more about that go HERE) and… I think is going to be called, Three Dimensional Boxes, Short Stories and Short Notes from the Years 2005-2014, will be released in a few volumes for the next few years or more. Maybe it will happen. It Probably will because I’m a writer and when I say I’m going to finish a book I do. So unless I die you should get many book by me regardless if you want to, or if anybody in society even reads them or not. I only sold twenty six copies of my experimental novel, From Far Out There (for more about that one go HERE) and that was a pretty good book, and I don’t know, I think people need to spend their money on cheeseburgers and roller skates or something more than as all my ex-girlfriends call em, my “dumb books”. Any-who….I don’t know when volume one is going to come out. Maybe real soon. Maybe by the end of august. It depends. But I do know that the first one is going to be about a hundred and fifty-seven pages, definitely under two hundred. And I didn’t want to have an introduction because I want people to just jump into the short stories and not hear my voice because I’m not the character (or same kind of character) in this fiction. It is not about some writer just going places and writing what he sees. It is far less beat and the style is different and that’s why this (below) introduction had to go. This is my blog and I don’t know why and I don’t care but I thought I would post it here because I wanted to, and maybe you wanted to read it. That is all. Be cool. Thank you for reading.


 The contents of this book date back from-and-to the years, 2005-2014 (NOTE: there is only a couple written sections from 14) and so, there may be a story embedded here, probably more of a historical lesson of the times. What you are now reading, well I’m telling you what, this might turn out to be the greatest subjective history book in print, but then again, we all hope for things…don’t we…. not a question…a joke? Perhaps.

And so what you have here is a book that’s been a burden to put together because nothing when it comes to writing and publishing is ever as easy as it should be. The truth is this book was a damn battle and so what… so nothing…enough of my damn complaining because it is here and so this book is only Vol. 1 of what I believe will be a multiple volume series of my writing that will be published until the day I die. Hopefully this book will be picked up once in-a-while and read with joy and with lust or with hate or with an admiration for the slave. Hopefully there is a place in this world for men like me and I could go on and on and one day I will, but that day is not now. I guess that’s it, because really that’s all I have to say and these words are only that which will lead you into the unknown of only well…darkness and ink and dreams…wait…

 One thing you might ask yourself is: What kind of topics will be in this book?

And now that’s a very fine question, and so the answer to that very fine question is…

This book is about A Mitten and a Country. Many Jobs and conversations with a few dead writers and one body of fiction and a bunch of artistic isolation and Snow and Food and There’s One Great Recession and Thousands of dollars in student loans and parking tickets and going to College forever because the rest of society doesn’t make sense and Another Bush and Action figures and Catholic Schools and Bears and so…

This book is streaming with countless literary half-truths and not to mention way too much wandering and philosophical thinking.This is a collection from a man who probably shouldn’t have kept writing but a man that nevertheless did.

What you’ll find in this book is that there’s something for the Merican’ in all of us, and it’s often a knee slapping good ol’ damn time, and then the other times it might just make you feel crazy or real pissed off that I’m alive in the first place…

 But settle down comrade, because just like any good drug, the trip you take is up to you.

 Thank You.

Andrew H. Kuharevicz




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