The day will be just fine (spontaneous prose practice #many/repost for remixed readability)

The Day Will Be Just Fine—please don’t worry—the day will be just fine….


The sun sets in the summer and the slow sheets fall off and stick to grass stained skin—bare toes—don’t worry—the day will be just fine. The months roll by and that’s alright—it’s slow—think about the good times that are going to be here soon and the people—the grass stained skin and the bare toes—the cards and the booze slows you down—the karma of us all—now—when—now—now people awake and sleeping and people falling in love and there are so many—words—the greatest novels in the universe are in your mind—only books and running on empty—half empty cans of warm beer and the American flag on can—the stars and grass stained skin—a jazz bubble and the throat thirsts from smoking too much—your youth is gone.


Wiser. Zen. Calmer. You don’t need anger. You were a kid. Remember. You played baseball once. You were too skinny they said. You smiled and didn’t know when you proved them wrong. The same with words and losing years to this, but you keep going back. Don’t worry. Practice your swing. Always. Why. Because The day will be just fine.


The nights the day is quickly here and you’re awake—it’s no dream kid— get up—brush off the sleep—brush off the grass stained skin—no good—wash up—sweating like the sheets as the tempo picks up in the seventh inning— you quickly awake in the car and you’re off to the show—the social show—the fingers tap and down the elevator and nothing gets in your way—you got somewhere to be—and where is this day going —where is the night going—you don’t know—shake your head and there’s no time off for the wolf—salsa drips and— hey man you’re in the way get out of the way—and down in the alley you lean up against the side of a building and smiling and shaking your head—smiling and oh hey there you are—you work here right—we need you—no—you’re late again—wait—now—you’re not getting another chance—what—you going to wash those dishes—no—so you quit—no I’m not—you’re fired—nothing but a lazy spoiled egg—the door slams— I don’t work here—I—just—oh—never mind—and you’re leaning and smiling—just leaning here for a smoke and bam—a truck breaks down right in front of you and the alley is now the busy intersection and you were just trying to get away— the high hat is loud—there’s a cat and a dog and girls in dresses and suits—death—light up—quit your job—no—what—you got the wrong—nice day—sure is—bright star—the sky is purple and sunny and the shadow—the overcast of sleep is gone—the smoke is gone—got a light—yeah—here—have another—where am I—detour—closed the main drag—when—just now—pouring asphalt—great—you can’t get away from society son—it’s everywhere somebody says—just fine—that’s—just—great—and is it—do you mean that—I think—no—yes—wait—you don’t look happy—you don’t even know me—hang on—just wait a second—please slow the juxtaposition of the slide show of your notes that bring me down…wait—smile—where… to—wait—don’t answer that—the day will be just fine….


The alarm goes off—it’s the next day—the night was another night—the words and the country side and everything is blending’re bleeding everywhere and cuts… where from…. but the mind is a blessing you were told last week—the mind is a blessing you were told today—the mind is a blessing—who are you—I don’t know—wait son—I know what you said because you already said it brother—and you told me to—no time—I’m going to miss my train—last week it was the airplane—always going and—the mind is a blessing—I get it—can you— can I what—sing me a song—what one—how’s this—the rain is gone and you smell like fire and the good kind of fire and you still remember the conversations—she was there— you don’t think you’ll ever see her again—you could—no—there’s not enough time for me in this town and everybody knows it—the mind is a—I GET IT ALREADY—THE MIND IS A BLESSING and GO GO GO—wait—stop sign—red—always green—you’re at the bus stop—the music is loud and sleepy and everything piles up—true true true—and wait—walk walk walk—there’s no time off jumping on the trapeze you’re told as the veins in your hands rise—JUST ONE POEM—THIS IS AN ART—a craft—NO—JUST ONE FIT OF RAGE—alright—AH HUM—set—the summer sun is the piano of your thoughts and the water—don’t worry—the day will be just fine. The day is a saxophone—can you hear the taps—the drum sticks—these cracks of bones that release the mind and set it out on the sea—the laughter and hey—are you the new dishwasher—me—no—what— not you—the man in your soul—what—I’m just standing there—wait—the room is gone and the day is here—I thought—you thought what—I thought—you thought wrong—ah hum—the day will be just fine—true—yes—true—good—settle down by the rocking leaves in the bonfire and the night is pale and blue—the dry air passes by the lake—all the doors are shut—it’s all good—don’t work—do work—remember— the day will be just fine—break it off with everyone and make new plans—listen up brother—already told you—I don’t know who you think I am— I’m just standing here—I don’t know anything—other than what I can tell you—so what can you tell me—ready—set—the day will be just fine.


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