Saturday Summer Afternoon Reading #3

Going back in a time; this is what I’ll be doing the rest of the day unless something awesome happens.

A friend had this book on his bookshelf. “Holy shit” I said.

And it’s absurd, because it just so happens to be one of the top ten books that inspired/destroyed my life. It was assigned in my baccalaureate class by a one professor (name removed out of politeness). He was a great teacher, but at the same time well…

That guy canceled class the day Kurt Vonnegut died, and then he told me I was doomed because I got an A in the class. I laughed at him and got wasted on two pitchers of long island ice tea, but anyway…

So when I saw the book I was shaking my head saying “man o’ man, this god damn book.” The pal didn’t see the relevance in the object and said “what is it?” “You’ve never read it?” “Nope. Got it at a thrift-store for fifty cents.” “That’s just great” I said…

And so here we are…


(Featured picture is by Paul Caponigro. Is is called Kalamazoo. I do not own the rights to publish it. I just like it. I don’t know how this works, but I will take it down if asked by the owner of the shot. Also, I don’t make any money on it. I hope we’re cool. Peace. Thank you for reading.)

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