Practice And Recorded Various Readings

Some are good and some are not so good. Might do some readings around the Midwest starting in july. Need to practice. I don’t like reading in public. I like people to read my books without sounds. A writer should write and not speak his words out loud too much. I do believe this, but I have to get the words out by any means possible. Made twenty handmade books, small, great, fun, takes so much time for five bucks a pop. What am I doing.About to buy a train ticket and walk around on a Friday night with full beard selling words to the festival goers. Stop. There’s No time to think about that. Just go. This is your life. I’m a good writer, I know this, and doing this, this is a choice we make, and so maybe this site is not over. I always say that. I’m a contradiction. My life is a project. Sanding out the edges until my last blink. So it goes. Have a good day society.

Practice And Recorded Various Readings.

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