Official Update of sorts, Summer Notebook 2014.

(Update: Even though this blog has come to an end as far as any new long posts, I’m going to reactivate it and slowly clean it up over the next half year. It is a good portfolio and a really good blog to show people who may be interested in the kind of work and writing I could do for them, as far as formatting and design goes. Either way, much of the material will slowly disappear so have at it for now. ~from Andrew H. Kuharevicz. 

(Note: Before I get to a short paragraph (the last paragraph and post of its kind that will be printed on Adventures in American Writing, I real quickly wanted to say that I got a couple of nice messages sent to me from readers asking if everything was ok. I don’t know why they thought something was going on…and it was strange that they would…no, it was nice and yes everything is alright. The reason I deactivated is because this blog/site has come to the end of what it was. I don’t know why but I won’t be using it anymore to publish my own material. Hopefully by the fall I can get around to organizing it and using it as a source for all of the random literary historical, social ideas that are scattered within the 1000 plus posts of some of my own written bewilderment. By 2015 (if all goes well) this blog will be just what I want it to be, a pseudo academic source for writers and thinkers and just everyone who needs something to read that I’ve selected as being of a certain level of substance that could impress some further thought. All my work will be found in books for now on and some of the free samples will appear on the publisher’s homepage and the associated sites used to promote those books. As always thanks for reading and be cool. This message will self destruct pretty soon. Click to make words below bigger of course. Peace.)




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