wanderings of a writer during war

(I’m fighting here, but if you want to read more, click one of the self-made advertisements along the path. They are revolutionary and bring freshness to your eyes. Thank you for reading) 

Walking three miles to sell typewriters on Ginsberg’s birthday. O how the typewriter is holy, and america, go fuck yourself and your atom bomb. I don’t feel good. don’t bother me.

Other Notes

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I just had this dream that all these people were staying at this house I was renting a room at, they had circus animals too, and I was the only one there, they kept saying it’s cool were here right and I was like sure, yeah. do whatever. The next thing I knew the sun was setting and I looked out the front window of the house, and it was a weird sunset and that’s when I noticed the house was moving, like the people uprooted the house and were driving into a new place, I jumped out of the window and they were bringing the house into a haunted house attraction show down an alley in a small downtown like you would see around the smokies. I asked some people to help me but I don’t think I got away. I woke up and so who knows. it was weird.

i mean that. but it means nothing.

Never forget. You gotta fight for your right to party.

I had a dream phase where the whole night was if it was a tv series on the sci-fi channel, with commercials and everything, and it even had that old sci-fi logo in the right hand corner. It was weird.

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sup par

another Monday in the swamps. It’s concrete time.

worst part of sleeping through a ten ton hangover, is the sober insomnia you find yourself alone with. But, it is a great time to do laundry and plot out the plan. Got to be out of the zoo in less than a month now. The summer tour shall continue. where to, probably Indiana. great.

this culture is doomed because why?

there’s this raccoon that does not like me. every time i go outside and im alone it climbs down the tree and hisses at me. none of the mates believe me because it doesn’t bother them/and or happen when other people are here. it’s kinda creepy how persistent this thing is. what if it rings the doorbell. oh no! it’s not a party RACCOON!

coffee explosion. why do I even bother.

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