Typing Warm Up Summer 2014 #1: ROUND ONE, FIGHT!

This is a spontaneous rant about society and writers and lame shit that is a waste of time so if you like to chill out, keep scrolling. But anyway, so now the technocrats are telling the kids not to be ironic. First off I think part of the debate should focus on how and when a person is ironic, who their audience is and if that is the only style they paint their message with. It’s just a way of moving stuff around folks, and to one group being ironic is helpful and to another group, it is a good way to get punched in the face. Group think mentality always exists and if you’re going out to hang out and have fun, people are going to peacock, it’s the way it goes… even if that means looking ironic, and I think this makes people mad because the peacocks look ridiculous. I think we’re talking more about the hipsters and marketing/self-defense of where one stands in a shrinking pond of consumers, maybe even perhaps the insecurity to admit none of it really matters. Bunch of dogs who think they can be wolves, but once you’re a dog you can no longer be a wolf, and that is why some safe writers write overly long idiotic critical analysis articles on slate that causes me to wish french existentialism would make a major comeback within the mainstream avant-garde of the literary/arts scene. They don’t have a clue what rebellion is and they never will, and for them to say it is dead is out of touch with how most people live. You have to ask yourself here, what is the meaning of being ironic; if somebody is trying to be funny  that’s called entertainment, and if were going to go into this debate, let’s talk about the billion dollar pornography culture. Nobody wants to touch that story ( they have but not like this hash tag ruckus that has been snowballing for about a year now) and that’s about as postmodern as chickens wearing virtual reality headsets . This is a classic non story  about intellectual sports and you know it.

Try this activity for humans: Learn how to see different mediums for what they are. Some are TV shows and some are not, and our culture isn’t dead, it’s just real boring, and why is everybody so fucking sensitive. Karl Marx rolls in his grave and David Foster Wallace was a good writer not a great writer who I heard was actually better at tennis until Franzen made fun of him too much. Cry me river. Just write. Last year there was a rumor going around that poetry was dead and that was pointless too. Because poetry isn’t dead. Unless that means I’m dead and so what. Let’s rock and roll.

But seriously,  I know poetry isn’t  dead, and also by the way, people are alive, and so that means this is about what I thought it was in the beginning of this worded freak of a post, and that’s…. a waste of time.

And who am. A human.  A.H.K. I write dumb books. Do what you want. Use passion for novels and zombie poems and just write your words. I don’t care. This is an old debate that never happened. Call up Jean Baudrillard. The world cant wait. Thank you for reading. The rant is over.

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