Old Writing #2

I have another blog. It’s where I post my real cuts and drafts from books and notebooks that are basically finished (still contain some mistakes perhaps, but have went through more than one re write) and sometimes I didn’t want to cut them but in order to make the final book better and more enjoyable for the reader, to construct the narrative and trim out some of the excessive amounts of well…rage and spontaneous flow of the free mind, it was just necessary to do this. There is also some of my old writing that goes back to 2008 I think. One day I will delete pretty much everything and what you read in digital form will be edited and put in collections in physical book format. The reason for this is because I’m not a blogger per se, I’m a book maker.

Below you will find an old page of notes. Click on the banner to check out the site.



Here are some of the titles of sections that have been cut from my upcoming experimental novel called From Far Out There. It should be done in the next couple weeks. It has taken a couple of years to write and was supposed to be out may first. But the world decided to move me around and so everything word related had to be pushed back because I had to live.

Thank you for reading.

1. Life After The Boomer Generation

2. Once Again

3. The Question of us vs. power

4. gOD

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