Wanderings Of A Writer In The Digital Age #5 (2014)

10288769_10102155871333482_8588409900633056980_nThe date begins: April Tenth & Ends April Twenty Forth

I was listening to the good old radio for some static and jazz, just being chill ya’ dig, and there was a song on, I didn’t like it or not like it, I didn’t care either way, it was just what was on, and I was folding laundry blah blah so anyway…then the emergency broadcast came on and it was beeping those beeps for a good 10 seconds, and then when it went back to the radio the rest of this song was distorted and in slow mo…it was weird. That’s why I made this note.

One more floor completely cleaned. anybody need any house stuff? dressers and beds and vacuums and mixers and you name it, you can have it. Lawn mowers and weed whackers and anything people, I’m wheeling and dealing here. ok, so it’s Monday… almost. seriously last week… i asked for some luck and I got complete hell. This week HAS to be (a tad) better… but i feel as if I’m not at rock bottom yet. maybe i am and maybe…I’m just (not comfortably) numb. but uh, it’s alright. got some more of the house to clean, trees off the patio. Chain sawed the fuck out of some pine, and I’ve been completely alone through all of this nonsense. It’s been pretty… pretty… fun.

Before I stumbled on an old ghost, I was going to say that the battle is so lost at this point that you can only laugh and whistle this song (which ill get to in a second) I went to the page and I was reminded of some of my better behavior so to speak and so this was the first comment. Man oh man, what the fuck is wrong with me sometimes. I probably won’t even have internet in the next day or so. Everything is gone. Everything. and it’s pretty funny actually. I knew it was going to get worse rocking in my chair a week ago and I think it can get a little worse still. not much but a little. and so what. I’m badly beaten right now, worse than I’ve ever been I think, but it just is and I only know how to do this, so zap attack lol…I’m not even drinking and I’ve been sober for almost two weeks and it’s just bad news bears. so what man. BEEP

If all goes as planned I’ll be crucified on Friday and resurrected on Sunday. oh wait that’s another creative writer’s story.

And so I have two days left in the town on a lake forever. I’m never coming back to tatooine. So I’m just going to be rocking out and partying and packing and drinking and cleaning and giving shit away. So stay tuned for many zap attacks for the operation running away from local doom crowd.

I’m really taking the resurrection to heart this year. A homeless man was real sad that he couldn’t afford to get his drink on. I said don’t worry my brother, and instead of turning stuff into wine, I turned stuff into steal reserve. One day people will be wearing slap bracelets that say, W.W.D.D.?

Anybody heard of that guy jumping from the top of Everest and wing-gliding down? How come nobody dies doing these stunts ever? I mean they seem dumb and dangerous, but nobody ever gets hurt. So I guess they’re pretty safe. I guess I’ll do it too. See ya’ at the top of Everest.

So the plan now is to sell everything in this house and be gone by Sunday. Please by this shit or I’m putting a bullet in my dome.

Here’s to good pals. Thanks for helping me out society. It’s been a rough run but drewcorp shall prevail.

Hung over as shit. I really don’t want to have no yard sale. but i suppose. i bet nobody shows up. But that’s not the spirit.


I’m officially on safari. Summer begins now.

One night on safari and already got some lion scars

Make your own quotes. This is our world smash the system.

Too early for wine. Not on my time. Punching in. Gulp.

Back in the zoo for a couple weeks. Strange.

Kalamazoo city blues

I got hit in the face by a parking lot. Not too cool. Good night and good luck.

Photo_00025 (2)

Major bad ass with major add. That’s me.

whenever i leave my pockets open i see a homless person saying, hey did anybody lose a dollar. I say fuck off in my head, because i lost the dollar, but i dont want to say that because im in a crowded room and it would get awkward if i just said, yeah homless person, that’s my dollar.


Dang man. just dang.

I got a job today cleaning out a barn. sweet times ahead. They asked me what I know about cleaning. I said, stuff.

i ended up with a car tonight. didnt know where to go. stopped a few places. nobody would let me use the internet. i said it’s 2014. they had english accents. i said i thought this was america, left, and drove around for another hour listening to strawerry feilds forever on repeat. it sucked.

This girl was doing her biology paper. she was stressed. i said don’t worry, you won’t remember it in five years. she said i better, this is my scientific career were talking about. I said well, thanks for the google maps.

“I know a novelist.” “That’s bullshit” I said. Anyway, Alright. I think it’s time to get back to the words. I’ve got enough “research”, for at least a couple days. Rock your face off society, and move that stuff around!


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