Wanderings of a Writer In The Digital Age (#4 2014)

Spring Notebook 2014 Page 2

2nd day

of the Hemingway schedule (up by 430 write til 11) and I’m already real pissed. Old man river over here barking like a (lazy) grey squirrel who really didn’t need to make it through the vortex… anyway, thank you (other minds) for taking part in the experiment of existence. Time for a morning warm up (a paragraph that has just kicked the living shit out of me…syntactically speaking. I honestly had a dream last night (reason i only got three and half hours of sleep) that I haven’t had since college when I was studying too much damn Martin Heidegger ) rock and roll. 

Last night before beer and bed

This is why I don’t turn on the television, because when I do, I hear this: “Next up on news at 6, a man who’s accused of fondling an Easter bunny, tells his side of the story…” click.

so wait, they didn’t find that airplane yet? i thought they did. wtf

After bed Yesterday

woke up and didn’t get the mail in Saturday. Open door big brown box looking like hell on the steps. Sweet. I finally own this book. Now I dont have to steal the first edition from the library that hasn’t been checked out since 1978. You got real lucky library.

men at

 Before bed and waking up this day (I think)

I walk in the house (first day of tree climbing season) and I left the classical station on loudly and the first thought that I had was… I wonder what’s going on in john Williams’ head when he’s just being a regular person, and is it always super epic and wondrous? Even when he’s brushing his teeth or taking out the garbage, does it sound like everything is in the balance between good and evil? You know…what a life man.

Real quick awareness update:

(I think) people need to start asking what book face’s motivations are. Quick (unnecessary) qualification. I studied cognitive science in grad school… but…that’s it…Evidence: (A) They spent 2 billion on virtual reality head sets. (B) They Spent 60 million on buying a drone manufacturer based out of Houston. (C) They spent 19 billion in January on a very small company (originally priced on the market at 2 billion) that has something to do with the trending algorithms. (D) they have scanned your face into three-dimensional form and can use your face better than a thumbprint now for (WTF?) “recognition assessments” (E) The question is important, and it is not random, “What is on your mind”. (figure it out yourself society, but I’ll tell you what it looks like, and that is… it’s all about artificial intelligence and not just sales marketing (book face doesn’t really work that well to sell products) and it probably doesn’t matter, but I think people should think about everything before it gets too damn out of control. Just demand answers for the evidence. that’s all…legit press team.

About the day when I quit this damn job

Thinking about quitting the word world, and going to make me some paintings with a shotgun.. sounds fun.

BURROUGHS: “There is no exact process. If you want to do shotgun art, you take a piece of plywood, put a can of spray paint in front of it, and shoot it with a shotgun or high-powered rifle. The paint’s under high pressure so it explodes! Throws the can 300 feed. The paint sprays in exploding colour across your surface. You can have as many colours as you want. Turn it around, do it sideways, and have one colour coming in from this side and this side. Of course, they hit. Mix in all kinds of unpredictable patterns.”

Coffee done. Break time. Smoke em’ if you got em’.

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