Wanderings of a writer in the digital age #3 (2014)

Let’s go backwards through hell…

what do you call this kind of writing…man? Rock and roll my friend. Rock. And. Roll.


I put nickles in my penny loafers, and people seem to respect me more. Eight percent more. get it?

I’m sorry society…

But you can’t wear sweatpants in public…deal? It just makes you seem like you don’t care about america. I was in the good ol’ local gas market buying a pack of smokes and some bake goods, and I think I was the only one in overalls and flip-flops.


is on 420 this year. I don’t care. i forgot what the joke was going to be. something to do with a bake sale or some bullshit like that.


why hello



Sometimes she can’t remember my name, but sometimes she’s super funny. My grandmother said my style is more Avant-garde.. 

Today at the bar

I said i fucking cant stand the president…and is his name… engler? People joked around and said yeah…it’s Engler. but later I guess engler inst our president and hasn’t been the president of Michigan for a while, so sorry that your micro broberon mud beer got me a little typsy society.

This generation…is dead?

The fucking MoonPod ate my god damn Green Preservation Society Tape. That cost me one (point) five zero dollars MoonPod!

….zap attack…

beep. With such chapter headings as, Bar Review Number One, The Market of Doom, and, Don’t Work For NASA, my up-coming word object (full of some brand new imagination stories) is sure to be a go-to coaster soon.


It’s 2014. Damn. I said 15. Nice. I got plenty of time.


I like to throw baskets and play home run derby once in a while, but this quote wins the game of…listen to what you are saying King James: “He’s the best player in baseball, and the best players in each sport should be rewarded. It’d be nice to sign a deal worth $300 million.”

Nobody should bad mouth the king though. I didn’t know people were. I mean so would I. everyone would opt out for 300 million dollars. you would be an idiot not to. he just shouldn’t say things like that. that’s all im saying. but he SHOULD take all the money he can. that’s the game he signed up for. so i hope James makes 300 trillion dollars and all the d-bag sports reporters go fuck themselves and go back to working at waffle house, because he’s a cool guy.






I said: I feel like I just got tortured at cloud city after what i thought was something was something else.

The Pal said: ?

 I said: Star wars, when Vader tortured solo in empire strikes back. 

The Pal said: I know the reference, but what were you doing to feel that way?

I said: sleeping and woke up.

 The Pal Said: that’s funny.


This is what happened to william s. bugman i think when he was writing naked lunch…


I got a little too drunk to work. But that’s what they make french toast and snooze cruises for. Also…Where do some people get their accents from? Well….for some people…it’s not from where they’re really from I’ll tell you that. Plus…there’s nothing worse than a bar without music. It sounds like a church. It’s just fucking terrible. In conclusion… sleeping in your clothes really has some benefits…namely you’re already dressed. just saying society.

What happens when people ask me questions out in the general population#1:

“Hey…man, you got a charger for your iPhone?” “Excuse me? I got tunes in my ears… sorry…” “Oh…I saw you had those headphones and thought… because I need a charger (apple cord i think they said) that…” “Nope. I got a MOONpod…” “huh?” Oh… it’s a WalkMin. I call it the MOONpod…because it’s funny…and it’s not working very good…the hamster wheels are at like…3/4s speed…and Conor Oberst sounds like Jeff Tweedy…& Lennon sounds like Cash now…you want to listen…it’s pretty interesting stuff actually…” “No thanks…yeah so… thanks anyway.” “No problem…man.”

Think tank a minute:

I want to do a tv show…half serious…half fake where i just go places with my typewriter and walk around and drink where other dead writers did things… in exchange i write about it and make a book and society learns by watching the tv and using my book for a coaster (the coaster word book?) about their american heritage, and then they tell their lil kids all about the train tracks where them books were made and that’s why you have to respect train tracks or something. It’s not all worked out yet…but…I hope society keeps clicking, that keeps The American Dream… um.. how bout… ticking. yeah…man. The future is sweet.

get ready for some sweet floodin’

roll up the pants and flood along with the polluted fresh seas of no sense. Damn tap water tastes like muskegon micro brews. Ive had better beer in the everglades, and you know what they call beer there, mud. yep. mud and alligator brunches down there. k. just saying. im like the boy who cries wolf…while you’re still saying what wolf boy?…as the wolf just ate your other hand off…and you cant swim very good without hands…just saying society.

“Two or three hours’ walking will carry me to as strange a country as I expect ever to see. A single farm-house which I had not seen before is sometimes as good as the dominions of the King of Dahomey. There is in fact a sort of harmony discoverable between the capabilities of the landscape within a circle of ten miles’ radius, or the limits of an afternoon walk, and the threescore years and ten of human life. It will never become quite familiar to you.” Henry David Thoreau (always a great quote when I’m feeling not very good)




great job





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