March until the end of everything Day 1

Something new is going to happen either way. So maybe you don’t know me. Maybe I don’t want to know you. Maybe nobody knows me. I don’t care. I’m a writer and I’ve worked my ass off for the written word for ten years and been defeated over and over again. I don’t think I’m done as a writer, and I’m going to somehow finish my adventures of a dying young man series. But the days are limited right now. It will work out, if I was somebody else. In what may be called a desperate move (maybe) my book is $2.00 dollars for an eBook. If you come across this site and want to read something, buy that. I’ll inform the masses of perplexity when the other books are done, but until the business gets back to normal I have to figure out something or life will imitate art. No more new content for a while. Maybe a handful of maniacs care, and So If anybody wants a physical copy I refuse to give that away. I’ve sold 40 copies this year. I guess the days are going to end or they wont. I don’t know right now. But I’m not in a very good mood. 


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