Getting back on track, a short (often sad) joke is all it is.

What’s the word Joey Guantanamo? Didn’t edit anything tonight for the first time in a long time and after waking up every hour and writing something new well I just woke up again. Sorry. sleeping on the job. I might get fired from writing corp and after that I guess I’ll be able to sleep good at nothing else to do corp. I have a couple of readings coming up in march and then a big one in June. But Until then, I still have to get my summer debauchery lined up (gonzo at music festivals and nature hikes) so I should probably practice and write something good. I haven’t read in front of humans who sit in chairs in an awkward room for a while. It’s not a good time unless booze and sex and/or revolution is about to happen, a good story you know, or if you’re going to sell more than five books so you don’t get stranded in a town because you thought you’d make more money to get home but didn’t…Anyway, This one was for practice for a reading where five people showed up. It felt like the end of the world and I sold 26 copies… TOTAL to the date of now, if you want to check out the book go HERE!. That’s when I went back to the battle plan for revision. It was a lower moment in many low moments of my writing career, and so I was told by doctor pro that I need to work out a routine because case and point. I used one of those tick tock things to keep track of time and frankly i don’t sound very serious. P.S Here’s the bird. Bye fer now.

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