The Wheels On The Mental Bus

I’m on the craziest greyhound ever…and I’ve  been on rides going through the long stretch of Georgia before Florida sitting in the middle walkway section because there was nowhere to sit, but these people have lost their minds…

The driver told all the ladies not to kiss him. He used to be a police officer in Inkster, and there’s a lady wearing a hunter s. Thompson shirt and she said, “I’m not a Muskegon person, I’m just a person who lives in Muskegon”. The Bus Driver said “Uh Hmmmmmmmmm….”

And holy smokes I wish I wasn’t exhausted or I’d write this all down because it’s solid gold. He said “no smoking no cigarettes, no e smokes no crack pipes, and I said “what about a pipe pen?”  “what you talking about?” “ it’s a pen that looks like a pipe”  “shut up.”

“Let’s talk Detroit, what can you tell me about the rattle snake club” the lady in the hunter s Thompson shirt said.

“Heard it’s crazy another” lady said, “how do you get on wifi…hey boy… do you know? I remember the sixties?”

“The second riots…I kept saying I’m going to get me a Nintendo” the driver said

“It’s all politics, and ford was an anti-Semitic. But he’s from Dearborn, like Hitler, cause he can say he’s Austrian…” the Thompson shirt lady said.

“Man, Muskegon…this place…doesn’t anybody follow any rules” the bus driver said.

“Hey, its Muskegon, I’ve been to the hub in the D, you know, in the back alley bikes.” The lady said.

“I don’t know…. uh hmmmmmmmmm…I heard about that.”

“Man, doesn’t anybody shovel here, I feel bad for you folks in Muskegon, and I live in Detroit…”The Driver said.

“The deacon is nice, one time I was there..”

“Uh hmmmmmmmm…”

“I heard they’re burning the Heidelberg project…”

“Uh hmmmmmmmmm the government stepped in” The driver said…

 Head phones on. I’m too tired for this nonsense. It’s amazing.  Snooze.

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