Thrown On The Streets Books (& writing, art, music) #7

Random page (unknown author) of old typeset on old paper, by a real good typist, and I’m not sure, I’m guessing this was a document for a class that (judging on the paper and skill) was written in the early 80s (but I could be wrong) using an electric typewriter (but no… my first guess was a Remington manual based on font) but I could be wrong. This was found during the great vortex of 2014 in the bus station parking lot (if you want to read the whole paper you can click on the bottom picture. If this is yours and you want it back, get a hold of me somehow. Peace)


One thought on “Thrown On The Streets Books (& writing, art, music) #7

  1. With a manual your key strike force is often different. Making some letters more pronounced than others. These all appear to be uniform as far as that goes, so I would guess an electric typewriter.

    But then again maybe they were just a good typist. Single spacing makes it a full and jumbled page. But that was often the way we did it. I don’t see any corrections. They were good!

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