Dog Days of Winter Notebook (Page 1)

Things to do
Books that you read past two months, write short reviews (Island in the stream, Hand to mouth, Cat’s Cradle, The Writer’s Legal Guide, The Removers, Mark Twain for Chinese Students, The age of American un-reason)
Notes from past weekend and outline of new book
Project list and to be released books for west vine press
Brush dog teeth (thanks society)
Snow blow neighborhood
Contact Walloon Lake Cottage Rentals
Plot Out the Future
Clean Desk Area
Exercise two times a day
Laugh at yourself when you walk down steps
Edit four hours a day and make sure to unplug internet every time you do this
Write sarcastic laced thank you letters (300 word max) to the magazines and newspapers and hits for hire media sites who didn’t hire you
Learn how to fix motorcycle for less than five hundred bucks.
Drink a gallon of water a day.
See if you can sell some of your typewriters

The Genius of the Typo (A POEM OF SORTS)
Waiting for the poetry
Never find
Type the words
Type the leaves
Waiting for a
Ride to pick
Me up
What kind of air is this?
Smells of orange
Grass during the spring’
The winter
There’s still grass
Waiting for a ride to pick me up
Spring seems
So hung-over
And it hovers in my head
The lake was
Bought by the bank and
The names of those
Who poison people with
The winter
And I’m waiting for a ride
To pick me up
In the front of
The house
A bird
And it yells
slamming door stutters
And birds
Echoes of spring
I’m waiting for a ride to pick me up
And now
I’m not
I’m gone.

Adventures in bus terminals #1
I was waiting at the greyhound station and I was reading a book. Two people walked by and one of them said out loud, “what is it, 1999 or something…” I thought that was a weird thing to say, but I didn’t say anything back this time because you choose your battles in life using the Nash Equilibrium.

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