Working On Three Books At Once Is Crazy But…

The Next Book that will be released in this written book bound madness is below with about nine pages of free draft pages. It retraces a bit backwards to some of the story that is sort of discussed in the first book, and so this story goes back to when the main character was 29 years old (he was 39 at the end of the first book) and he does something to alter his behavior and forgets everything he knows and tries to be simply nice to people and open to the philosophy of “let the world move you”, and this technique of stage acting in real life is partially used for walking around places that are (usually) out of reach for most people. This book was started almost four (research 5-6) years ago and will be finally completed, and so it should be about 160-75 pages long. And yeah, this whole project is sort of out of hand but oh well.. it’s all written and the editing is what might consume the writer’s life, and then it might be terrible…but so be it, and I’m guessing that the final book will be out sometime in the next couple months. Great stuff. 

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