No Phone

You Can’t Call Me
I was born on the fringes of the very first year into a generation in-which the corporations classify as being the Millennials, and so I’m not sure why we have to box-up our people like we do, but I don’t like what happened in the nineteen-eighties because it was nothing short of the continuation of the L.S.D experimentation that was conducted by the military, but instead of a real substance altering cognition, the transcendental picture was shown to work in very much the same way, and I watch the world burn and people try to forget about real life by doing anything they can do, just to be normal, hence these terrible commercials for dating sites and zombies watching zombies and zombies rooting for the humans to win… a contradiction that blows my mind, and so it’s the future of 1984. It’s 2014 and I don’t have a cell phone. For a long time it was because I couldn’t afford one, and now that I have the money…well I still don’t have one because I got used to not having one. It hasn’t really impacted my life in a negative way and I think it’s weird how people sleep with their phone like it’s a teddy bear. People have said to me “get a damn phone Andrew” about ten times last year. I said “alright I will”…but I didn’t get one, and I’m sorry but I don’t even want a phone anymore, because the screen in the house is enough and I don’t want to be called when I’m walking in the woods. People say “but how did you get here” and I say “I was born”. They say “no, I mean to the party when you didn’t have a phone?” I tell them “you gave me an address and I don’t have GPS so it took me longer. Two days longer.”
And so do I enjoy getting lost? Let’s just say I have a mind made-up version of map-quest that looks like the messy chalkboard of a quantum physicist, and the events that have occurred during my smoke breaks have written entire novels.

From a future book called, Notebooks and Three Dimensional Boxes, Written by Andrew H. Kuharevicz

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