Christmas and Micro Breweries (list of things that confuse me number one)

Talking shit and eating shrimp. Nine dollar beers owned by cocaine dealers. Two things I don’t like very much and two individuals who are stranger than the easter bunny…

Chris Kringle and The son of the god of the people who follow the old testament in modern america. This is the first entry in a series about what confuses me.

Friday nights and people who watch documentaries about how people murder each other. And I don’t get it. Solve the problem and move on. Don’t be entertained by the brutality of olive garden.

It’s real funny sometimes. Sometimes, it just makes me angry. That’s why we have good whiskey in the winter, so you can just grin and say, who are you…really? Let’s get to the bottom of this riddle.

What do you want to talk about?

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