rule for the day is the joke of the day

“Hunter Thompson is the most creatively crazy and vulnerable of the new journalists. His books are brilliant and honorable and valuable…the literary equivalent of cubism: all rules are broken.” Kurt Vonnegut — reading fear and loathing on the campaign trail.

Vulnerable. That’s the interesting part of the quote to me. I don’t think most people think of hunter being Vulnerable. I get it. Writers, I think good ones, are the most vulnerableto at least themselves…

People bother me. That’s a joke. And so this is the time of the day where the midnight oil turns into crud. People start burning through hot water and the saturday lawn sales are all set up. I worked through the night and didn’t even touch the sauce. The day prior after work I slept and thought it was a day in the future but it wasn’t. What I believed to be Saturday was really Friday and this meant I had a free day to knock out the book and I got a good bunch of it done. I asked a pal named rob for a deadline because deadlines give me desperation and that’s also good for folks like me. So with that information down on note pad what I’m going to do is work on it for one more hour and then see if I can work for another hour or two on the future dead writer number two book. After that Im going to walk around the city and listen to people. Im not talking to anybody today. Im going to eat some brunch drink a beer and see if the sun comes out. It won’t. I hate Michigan  That’s a joke..sometimes.

But what I’m going to do is go with the flow until snooze time. I don’t even want to say hello. I’ll have to, because if you don’t talk people just look at you for an awkward amount of time. What the hell is their problems? I joke.

Thompson said be the eye within the eye of the hurricane and I think I can do that. After these projects are done I’m going to try to get hired by somebody so I can cover the 2016 presidential election like 72. It’s going to be the biggest bat country yet that only a jackrabbit can observe.

Go back to bed society. Silence…

And for now, the books in my life are my brothers.

P.S People laugh way too fucking much when I haven’t heard them say anything remotely funny.

NICER. That’s the rule of the day. 


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