unformed thoughts about ‘BIG SUR’, the new Jack K. Film adaptation.

I would like to see many movies these days. They’re not playing. Because jollywood has unlimited money and some very bad public relations.  This flick was supposed to come out last year. Something happened before official release, just like on the road, and now I guess its coming out soon or on dvd or laser disc beta max or something,  if those even exist anymore. I don’t know when it comes out but those in charge of things are pushing a small social marketing campaign. It seems to have a good heart. Still. There has to be some kind of conflict. If there isn’t, they failed advertising for these films that were created out some revolutionary material. None of it’s very good on the business end. Really a shame. And so it goes….

At the end of this post there is a video. there has been about three trailers in two years for this movie that nobody will see. But well, this is by far the best intro for the adaptation of one of the best books ever written. My opinion of course. It’s just a damn good book. He started writing like Hemingway before the end. Out was some of the spontaneous prose and in, were more formed short sentences. There’s still the pattern that moves the reader. He could see the notes that most cant. It’s far more subjective and lonely. WHo knows. He was manic and lost. He wanted to get away from himself and found that was impossible. You could say it’s about choices, about how you go about accepting death and life as symbiotic concepts. I don’t know. I cant believe he didn’t kill himself then. I felt it was like the stranger. I kept waiting for the guillotine. His Catholicism is probably a reason he didn’t blow his brains out or overdoes sooner.

When I said that it’s not spontaneous, that’s not entirely true. I mean it was written in that method. Kerouac never talked about it, but he was a obsessive editor. I think this was the book he wanted to write. He just didn’t imagine the hell he had to put himself through to write it. It’s sad but inspiring. Real cool guy. He wised up and found that the beat could be carried with rhythm and separation instead of a constant string of words. The bop can be controlled with practice. He was becoming what he wanted to be before it fell apart. He needed to listen to henry miller when he told jack, to cool down because Existence . That’s all. laugh jack. laugh. Paraphrased because I’m drinking outside and my feet are cold.

No. I don’t have the book that’s in. It’s a letter collection. You want the source go dig in the swamp. I read this book when I was depressed and realized I wasn’t even sad. Sometimes almost the same voice as the old man who lived by the sea. Looking for hope, neat, not going to happen. A story about a man about to die. fucked up stuff. I hope the movie does well. But it wont. No wide release. On the road was a decent movie. They cut the distribution because that one girl from twilight showed her tits. So goes america. So goes why the writer drinks to a new day.

The sun is out. Wake me at brunch.

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