“Sounds like a scam to me. That’s all I’m saying”


Start second book in the dead writers series sometime this week. back to the going. Hopefully have novel done by end of the year. Other than that I don’t know what about much else. start section. Peace.

The first corpse. I knew him. Officer Malinowski. He picked me up once and drove me home. I fell asleep after work on a bench. He said,
“That’s how you get yourself in trouble.”
“Sounds like a case of the fear” I said.
“You don’t know shit boy.”
That was two months ago. Right after the bender. Never thought I’d see him again. I don’t think he remembered me, and so feeling a bit better I was back to the apartment. It was strange. Cops were outside and yellow tape was blocking the entrance. First responders were wheeling a body-bag. I saw the face of the dead man who was getting zipped up. It was this guy who lived below me. He was weird, hardly knew him. I think I said “hello” to him once. Now he’s dead. I was out of breath.
“Sir, officer, Malinowski, um, what happened?”
“I guess you could say… Henry?”
“He was murdered.”
“Yep. Sad ending for a sad son of a bitch. So you know anything?”


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