Saturday Morning Word Cartoons (overall quick update/moving picture word trailer for book)

Before I get to the real (a plan) here’s some weirdness. This is a trailer I made for my book, for fun, inspired by the Dr. Strangelove trailer. I had to go rather lazy on it  because I’m way past what you might call…defeated…HA! Alright.

So for sanity reasons I’ve decided to concentrate on my life again (whatever that means anymore) after I release The Fear and The Going book one, The Going. It’s been draining. I use to find release in writing and now I’m overwhelmed by writing like I was when I worked in the so called real world. It’s basically driving me insane. I wonder how I saw the world before I was a so-called writer. I wonder if I’m terrible and nobody will tell me. I wonder what the hell is the point. I’ve done enough for a while after this book. I’m completely broke and I don’t understand why, and so I’m going to let other people speak for a while and take some time off the rest of the year and see if there are other things I like doing. There isn’t all that much interest in my work. I don’t care about that but I cant live like this anymore (once again whatever that means). I’m going to try and write for somebody that will pay me (whatever that means HA!) It’s just I put a ton of time and pressure on myself and for what, I’m not sure anymore. I feel old. Anyway WAIT, it’s not over yet…

For the duration of this damn book I’ll be maxing out the imagination, the fingers, the smiles and the lungs, the back and the mind, the midnight oil and the twisting of my hair into knots. I will go out blazing with this book and bend nerves and continue the tap tap tap once again starting Sunday night. I’ve put an unspeakable amount of time for ten years now into writing, learning from scratch, and basically, this doesn’t feel good, it’s a job, and one that isnt easy and covers you in emptiness. But never fear, I will work my ass off for the end of this book. It will no longer be eight books as planned and will be a trilogy. So you’ll have THE FEAR AND THE GOING, and then the last book in the Henry Oldfield saga will be THE BOOK OF WAR. I don’t know when I’ll work on that and it might be years.

I’m not sure what I’m talking about right now. It’s just that words are crazy. I need to do something else but I don’t know what else to do other than write this nonsense anymore. I’m good at making blogs and listening to music and inspiring people and making jokes and things of that accord. I do have a college degree, in fucking sociology, (sorry) maybe I can work at subway or something. lol.

SO, I’ll write more about this when I reflect  about it. I still am getting those other books edited for west vine press series, and until I get the going done or something remarkably new happens to me, I’ll continue this blog. SO peace.

Thank you for reading.

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