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My last words on questioning the media in blog form, and:

(Note: I’m not going to talk about media anymore. Maybe I don’t know. I was pissed when I read the headline. I’ll take some time and reflect and write what I really feel. I was appalled, but I should read further and think) Anyway I’m a young man and I like everyone. Believe in what you want. This isn’t supposed to be harsh. But I joked a few years ago with the spike of metaphysical hooliganism and the perhaps innocence of pseudo psychology funneled into pop-culture from people who lost faith in their religions running amok, but THIS (yes I know but really this headline crosses many lines in ethics) is irrational and unacceptable behavior for the times we live in, where we have more educated young people with degrees willing to work that know what they are talking about more now than ever before in this history of USA, and if this is what kind of Post Washington Post era we live in, I’m done talking about the real news and everything I write will be fiction and it will be up to the reader and present a different angle than this. my god. WHY WE SHOULD BE AFRAID, NOT WHAT IS BAD, or what THE PROBLEM is, or what is the fear, so we can address it, NO, WHY YOU SHOULD BE AFRAID. GROSS! It might be the most appalling headline I have read since shock and awe. NO. I’m done. I’m done with journalism. It’s disgusting. This is stupid. I’m done with it But my books. All money will go to making books out love the for people and words and for more of this until I die. I will never tell you what you should be afraid of. I will give you the truth in a way, and not, and it will be way more than this. This is not the job of journalism. It is outrageous for a democracy to even think of having this as a title, and I know even our president would not be a fan of it. It’s sad, that’s all, because a little girl lost both her parents you savages. Cowards. I said what I need to say. Those are my last words in blog form about journalism. This is where I say no more but only in the ink.

“Why we should fear Miami’s ‘Facebook murderer’


So I’m Going to have a book done by the end of the day. nice. still draft page. thought I’d share to be social!

if anybody around knows of a super small typewriter sitting in your parent’s basement or some reason you have one ha, small and not huge, travel, some plastic parts ok, keys work, no stick, roller purrs and tap tap, then you can let me know, and if it strikes fast and isn’t overly sensitive to getting pounded and drug around north and south america, and if they don’t want it , ill give you more money than anybody will pay you for it. I promise you that. Then again, I don’t make promises during…Peacetime lol. nonsense.

I have a plan…if the money swings right way after some little book sales and a meeting with some people with more binary numbers than I do. Also could use the help of word of mouth and that means you. If not I’ll figure something else out but I’m not posting that much fine tuned material anymore. I plan to writing for a very long time and this keeps up I’d i don’t know , be really tired. So when I do blog and post it will be like this and some of my other posts, such as wanderings and tales from the following Monday.

The plan is to be in Brazil by June 12 2014

everybody goes home in October, I leave October first. I’ll hitchhike if I have to, to south america. sounds good. made my mind up. I can fly south really cheap after hit some people east. Alright anybody wants to go. you might die. No you wont. I’ll go alone. It’s how it goes, and  that’s why the books got titles. World Cup or notta. nice.

I finally got a plan. Nice. It took a while. Had to get the old stuff done first. It’s starting to come together.

That’s all. Stay Tuned. Thanks for reading. 




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