Punching In And Pissed Off (Tales from The Next Monday #1)


When I wrote this I was passionately involved…

This age of professionalism is killing us. I’ve said that before, and even when I calm down I still half believe it. I’ll explain myself sometime in September when I can write some new ideas and relax again. It’s bad and still, I wake up and I don’t feel good. It’s part of waking up. You hurt. It’s hard enough being human, but thankfully society makes you forget about that, because they manage to make it so bad you can’t even feel if you’re hungry or not half the time. Last week it was the library losing funding and…wait, a song:

I just don’t understand. This is what the scoreboard reads:

So they’re ripping down the history of my university, they’ve destroyed the paper mills and shut down the newspaper, the libraries have been given a 3-5 year death sentence, the biggest city in my state has filed bankruptcy and the factories are being bulldozed as we speak. If you’re not pissed…I’m happy for you. What you smoking? Must be more than just Zen Buddhism….



First. I think that ethics were forgotten about because they curbed earnings for a while, but once you do that it’s over and this decision always comes back to bite you. I’ll go further into that also another time. Anyway so Amazon founder just bought the Washington Post.  When I first heard about it I said, that this is a sad day for american journalism. But it’s all been sad and terribly ran anyway. So whatever, let it burn. I wouldn’t really mean that, that is, if that’s not what’s happening. The price tag depicts an organizational culture that both couldn’t adjust to the demands of a young digital generation,and instead of leading, they acted with total incompetence for the progression of both journalism and the publishing industry based on some kind of normal foundation of ethics,not to mention the jobs and economic models they supported now resemble the aftermath of a wildfire.

This isn’t too unlike the bankruptcy of The City of Detroit. I don’t get it. Facebook is worth 3.7 billion dollars. It’s been around since 2004ish. It was started by a kid. Last Monday my local library lost funding by 55 percent. Again, Dr. Thompson rolls in his grave. Actually He doesn’t. He rages out the double thumbed sky jab.

Alright, and so this rage and rant….it’s what I needed to do. I’m wasting time and it’s late. I’m already two days behind with my book and I’ll probably be three if I can’t speed the editing up and burn words like my government burns the youth away, and just a note, I’m technically a Democrat but really only a humanist mixed with fragmentation of spontaneous chaos, and with that clarified I will tell you that I like my president, but I think he’s also defeated. After the irresponsibility of the aftermath of Sandy Hook something changed when they didn’t pass more regulation, and not on guns, but assault rifles. After that something just…changed, and I’m sorry. No I’m not. I’m mad. I’ll calm down. This is just a pissed off post about the state of my times.

And I was outside typing on the typewriter but every time i tap the mutts bark and the fight man, what for? But we have to.

My pal said that maybe the amazon fella had some good intentions and maybe….

But look what has happened to amazon, it’s about consumption, and that’s fine, but the news is not a book collection that sits on a shelf. Our history is not property that you buy, nobody is ever going to say, “you sure have a bunch of history, where you get it, amazon? I wanted to get into buying history.”

I don’t know. I’m mad. It’s hard to articulate when I’m like this. It’s just that history isn’t like that, the news isn’t like that, it grows and were in it and now were the adults and we’re part of it. The news is history and history is our social ocean, which we’re also setting on fire, great…

And some people say you need to be more optimistic and not so mad. I calm down and I can get real zen and just say….

“life finds a way and progression is a nasty son of a bitch and I’m just in the middle of some evolving times, so be it, life is life man, let’s rock, let’s jam, let’s be free and just let me because man…it will all work out. I can do this and be like this. I like to do that, it’s how I am, but The times won’t allow for it.”

NO, and how is that any more optimistic than saying I’m sick of watching everything fall apart around me, and not just the industry, but so many things seem to be collapsing, and it’s also culture and brother and sister-ship and being a family and thinking about your neighbors and what not, normal things I see breaking down as well. Maybe it’s just micro but it’s been showing up on the macro level shortly after it hits here. What I’m talking about is decency and I’m pissed off right now…

DAMN! I’m going to work on my novel and calm, do my best and I’m not going to rage so hard, but fighting for the things you were told to care about  is what I’m going to do. And if that upsets people because it’s often insane or it’s too harsh, too emotional, too far out there, too mad, too too too, too damn serious, well that’s too bad, because I’m tired and this is madness, and the madness of the world will be met with rage out of love. I don’t know the answer but it comes down to believing in something, anything, and sticking up for it, and so what…

So what If I’m beaten and so what if my generation skipped a beat and the middle class is dead and poverty is accepted while the declining rich fall in love with pictures. And so what if writing and books are dead, if organizational honesty is dead, if politics is dead, and so what, if everything is dead that means I’m alive and I will fight for the dead that hold our history and speak to the future of good people who don’t want to just let it all burn down. It wont work out and the game is lost. But when it comes down to it, I want to find out for myself how far we take it.

That’s what’s happening and it’s only the third inning. It’s basically all gone. It’s not fair. But life aint fair, so I’ll deal with it like a warrior should. It’s just life, right?

And back to what my friend said about the amazon guy wanting to protect the Washington Post. Maybe. But I don’t have high hopes for much anymore.  I haven’t really thought about his motivations. I was instead thinking about how much care went into it for so long and it’s more about an important american business that was about to close down and board everything up, but at the last-minute sold it for ten bucks to get something instead of nothing while they could to save the grandchildren from having to start all over and become normal people who suffer in poverty. But maybe he wanted to help. The thing is..

He can’t save it. He can’t protect it. He knows that. Unless he’s got some new ideas, so yeah, maybe it’s possible. It doesn’t look good on face value and the numbers are inflated as well.

Nonsense. All of it. I need a cigarette and a cup of Joe. Back to my book. Thank you for reading.


 “Okey, it goes to D and then A-7 at the end now.
So just remember the street feeds sea Queens, okay?
Shall we go then?
One, okay, you’re ready?
One, two, three, four”

Oh, God, save us one and all.
Oh, God, save us from defeat.
Oh, God, save us from the war.
Oh, God, save us on the street.
Yeah, let’s fight for people rights.
Let us fight for freedom.

Let us fight for Mickey mouse.
Let us fight for freedom.
Oh, God, save us one and all.
Oh, God, save us from defeat.
Oh, God, save us from the war.
Oh, God, save us on the street.
Let us fight for children’s rights.
Let us fight for freedom

Let us fight for Rupert bear.
Let us fight for freedom.
Oh, God, save us one and all.
Oh, God, save us from defeat.
Oh, God, save us from the war.
Oh, God, save us from the street.
Oh, God, save us from defeat.
Oh, God, save us from the sea.
Oh, God, save us from the queen.
“Hey, that sounded alright!”

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