Saturday night/sunday morning notes/July Draft Pages 2 of 2


Last night I had some fun and I woke up not feeling so good. The best way to get rid of a long island iced T hangover if you can is to sleep fifteen plus hours. When you wake up you’re like a bear and just hungry. Think I’m taking this round and week off from fun and writing and working unless I get the urge for a last call kinda stroll. This feels like a good night for writing for some reason so tap tap tap…


It’s a break time and so I’m drinking coffee smoking a smoke looking at stars and working and finishing up one of my books. I’m thinking about good things and bad things and the fall, because it’s one of those lonely nights that you need every once in a while. These are the strange times that are made and perfect for being a writer. This is what it’s all about, and I don’t have time to explain that right now but it probably doesn’t matter either way. As most things in life go, everything is based on been there done that and that’s what my words try to give people usually, the experience that is the same in retrospect of being there without being there. I don’t know but who really does, and as they say, you’ll probably only know what I mean if you know what I mean…


the going


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