Notes to Future Self

Einstein wasn’t afraid of time. He would take as long as it took. Sometimes he wouldn’t have anything to show for an entire year of work. The busy nerves of productivity aren’t necessarily the tapping sounds of efficiency, and despite popular corporate terminology multitasking is next to impossible. Einstein said a very similar thing and people called him a genius. He wasn’t afraid of going back and forth. Some people thought he was stuck on a problem or that he was ‘losing time’. He thought this was funny, and although people knew he was working they didn’t understand what the problem was. Sometimes they asked him what went wrong. Nothing went wrong he said. It just wasn’t easy. This way of thinking seems logical, and it relates back to my ideas concerning natural patterns of chaos. It goes back to old words and old faces, and I’m once again reminded that sometimes you have to show the old you and future you those good vibrations that once seemed infinite now seem like some kind of a tragic hoax. You’ll forget and remember. You’ll duplicate darkness and life, death and day, and it’s said that some people create empires while others choose to create universes. I heard a professor who lives in my memory say that. He told me that you’ll get mad and then you’ll forget. This is where ‘future notes to self’ come in handy.What I’m getting at is that this simple idea seems weirder than it is, and from the past I was also told that like people do in time you’ll find yourself at a point of heightened calmness, and after that you’ll feel free…again. When you feel like this you can grow up a little more, and come to think about it the tides crash and retract and expand towards the middle, and just like night and day and moon and sun your life is the same. Backwards and forwards and forwards and backwards until the end of your life, and you’re at your best when you remember that you’re a foreigner in your own backyard. Nobody knows exactly what you’ll do to remember, but by doing these nice types of invisible things made of both cause and effect, you’ll mold closer to peace and change closer to wise, and maybe not a lot, maybe only a tiny fragment more, but sometimes that’s more than most. Sometimes that’s the meaning of life. Then again…

3 thoughts on “Notes to Future Self

  1. Fine by me, but you should always note that these thoughts are not for the average Syrian, Chinese, Greek, Egyptian, Libyan etc. They live in constant turmoil for the past years and there is no light ahead.

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