Skipping Stones

“That sounds like some Sci-Fi shit to me.” 
“No man, it really happened. The sun exploded a couple days ago.”
“Oh…, I don’t even watch the news anymore.”

Later in the day after morning coffee I was sitting on some rocks and a boat went by. They didn’t see that I was there. I stopped what I was doing and looked up. They were blasting Nelly. I dropped the thesaurus in the lake. They looked at me. I looked at them. I gave them a naval salute and continued to fish my book out of the water with a stick. They turned off the stereo and carried on with their voyage. Thankfully, there was no more Nelly. About two hours later these same people were pulled over directly in front of me by a police boat. I didn’t look at them as they were followed back into the docks. It was awkward for them. I could only grin.  


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