(1) Well hello, good looking font. (2) Humans are bad at running societies. (3) It’s Saturday night. I’m researching Font style. Good times. (4) Bio-printing is far out there. (5) “Jazz is a good barometer of freedom. In its beginnings, the United States spawned certain ideals of freedom and independence through which, eventually, jazz was evolved, and the music is so free, that many people say it is the only unhampered, unhindered expression of complete freedom yet produced in this country.”~Music is my mistress, Duke Ellington.  

(6) Sometimes, pizza is a good idea. After you wake up from a good night’s sleep you can just roll over in bed and flip the lid on the box and say,” why hello leftover pizza”. This makes a human happy for the rest of the day, sometimes. (7) My book that’s almost done, has about a thirty-eight percent chance of being a very good book. A seventeen percent chance of being the best book written so far of our generation, and roughly a five to ten percent chance of being a total fucking massive failure and a complete waste of time that even I’ll hate once it’s done. Those are the kinda numbers I like to project going into the final week of editing. (8) I just walked by the television. It said, “he kicked the dog in response to….” That’s about all I need to hear from society today. (9) I’m going to go walk around in the woods for a while. Just saying… (10) When I was walking home I observed a lady drive off the road. She slammed on her breaks. Looked around. Finished texting. I stood there. She looked at me. I gave her a thumbs up. She backed up and started driving on the street instead of the grass. This happened right in front of the old people’s home. That settles it, it’s taco time. (11) Smoking cigarettes and watching Fargo. I can’t sleep but I’m useless to the story. Pretty good time. I have to make some kind of decision soon. I’m getting older. (12) AMC makes no sense. How do you follow Fargo, with The Nutty Professor 2, The Klumps? It’s not fair. I don’t know. It doesn’t matter. (13) I don’t do this too often, but oh yeah, I woke up today to this show called, ‘Wives with Knives’. The character in the reenactment was thankfully named Andrew. I was still half asleep but I laughed because it was weird. But the wife with the knife handcuffed him to the heating vent while he was sleeping and then she cut his legs and hands off. I was having a good rest but still I said, dang, that’s not too cool wife with knife. Then I couldn’t sleep any longer. I turned the TV off and the rest of my day has felt strange. Thanks TV. (14) Sitting with legs kicked eating canned peaches after waking up on beach and hiking home and sleeping for another eight hours. Odd schedule but feels nice. Reading some rum diary and going to try and finish another draft of the Fear and the going by next sleeping point. “I sat there for a while, but it was too depressing. I was beginning to feel suicidal. My skin felt creepy and I began to wonder if maybe all this drinking was getting the best of me. Then I remembered a story the News had run last week about an epidemic of parasites in the local water supply, little worms that destroy the intestines. Jesus, I thought, I better get out of here. I paid my tab and bolted out to the street and looked up and down, wondering where I could go. I was afraid to walk, for fear of being recognized and beaten by an angry mob.” (15)News Story, ‘Murder Suicide for Phish Tickets’…oh society.

(16) Some loose ends:



aol-browserinternetoh man


happens from far out there (2)

moon2 mooncar1oh society!PEACE!


  1. I enjoyed reading this, and after reading some of your posts, I can honestly say that you are a brilliant and funny writer. I love your wicked sense of humor and your “racing thoughts” writing style. Cheers! Looking forward to reading more of your posts, Andrew. — Francis.

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