I’m just typing…

Swans suffer underwater next to ducks as rocks are pulled up in the rain that burns the skin and smokes the lungs with acid and coal, the color orange is so vibrant when it’s coated in waste. Humans are so loud. There are people who run this world or so they say. There are people who are idiots and there are so many of them. There are so many people who aren’t around the fallout of their failure and they leave the old to die. There are people who are so lonely in this world and then there are people being killed and murdered. Nobody has ever been in charge of anything. There isnt a plan. There is nothing other than greed and lust and for some who want to feel ok just because well we have adventure because we want to smile once in a while. There was peace when you were younger. There was something. There will be better days and you too will forget. Blood so much blood. So many lands and screaming humans and the Robin looks so afraid of you not me but you. Something is lost and maybe its never been there. I don’t know. The age of reason comes with a price and you trade it in for the age of insult  You can wake up to find that all of the tress have been cut down and people only want to have something bigger than they had before. The planets are shrinking. The people are losing something that maybe they never had. Politics is for assholes. That’s it. Life is for those that persist and keep at it, willfully knowing that it might be as dark as it’s been for a while now, and maybe I’m lit by the fear and maybe something, maybe everything is a mess. I think people know this. Progressiveness is slow but what is progression other than a concept? I’ll get more sleep. I’ll wash this off. For now I just want to say go to hell you bastards who run our media, you stand for nothing but hairspray. Good night and good luck. Now for a damn drink. 

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