Day 117 of the editing process. DONE…AGAIN!



After the bringing together of words (some that are four years old) The Final manuscript (update, I sometimes do what I say I don’t)  There wont be any more large chunks on this site (for now). And so for those who read along, well it’s been fun. The Book is ready for another final draft and another read through and then a few people I know will  pilot the story into a safe experimental orbit where the proper control of the test can be overseen by the outside observer without death occurring…

AND If then, if the cadets come back to earth alive, well then I will send it out there alone into the galaxy; this is when you will see the Bound Book.

All and all well it turned out to be a real fun lil’ project (knock on wood), I will say that, and the narrative flows and makes the reader hold out just about (both qualitatively and quantitatively)  the perfect amount of time that the story can support without a one human reader saying, “I’m done with this”.

The novel (yes it is a novel, not a novella) might just turn out to be a fair compromise for the physical (paper) book in the digital age.

Blah. So What’s it about?:

History in a way and Living in most the other ways.

As far as my other project goes, The Portable A.H.K, well this will still be out, sometime maybe soon. I’m thinking end of June?

Right now until further notice my work kinda grows naturally the way it wants and anyway…first things first, I should get done with The Fear and The Going, more Adventures of A dying Young Man sometime in the next week and a half (2 MAX) and then it will be out in various formats. I have a bunch of things to do and another couple editing projects that I have to get back to as well (shave and make my bed and what not) as well as figure out where to go and where to move and who and what summer writing I’m actually going to focus on is all about. It’s a mess, but this will be a pretty damn good book. That’s all I can ask for. It’s just that it won’t stop there.

Really the one thing that I know is be prepared and stay tuned HA!  because the avenue of music and journalism is going to be more of my focus for the summer, as well as working on the portable and from far out there I might write about birds and the history of the abacus. Who knows man…

Who really knows? I don’t. So for now I’ll say:

We shall see and now for a sunrise. Peace.


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