Day 91.2 of the editing process

Nobody ever told me how to write. Nobody said you can be a writer. Nobody thought it was something you could do. I didn’t live in that aspect of the social or academic world and POOF…

On bed. Sleeping for two hours. Shoe hits ground falling from my foot. Bang. Awake.

Two hours was definitely not enough.  The only reason that I’m going to try to plug-in today, even though I probably shouldn’t, is because I believe in discipline when doing what you said you do, and when you said you were going to do it by. Odd trait of mine you wouldn’t expect is that I’m always on time when plans are given.  I’m never late when I want to be somewhere.

I think deadlines are important and in writing they can be worked with a bit; you can move them back but if you don’t come close to your deadline then what was the point of making one in the first place? I’m just saying I wasn’t the most gifted writer to ever be born but I want to be one of the best to ever have written, therefore being a constant student and respecting my work ethic are traits that can set me apart from those to who this comes more natural for. I think…

So I’m writing this as a warm up and usually it takes me about an hour to get into the groove. That’s how I write a book. I just sit down at the typewriter and let the words go and let my mind go, forgetting about the period, the stutter, the comma, and I hope that someday I’ll get good enough with the keyboard that I will be able to edit in real-time and spontaneous prose can be merged with the discipline that the editing process gives your overall body of work.

The keyboard is an instrument and you get used to certain ones and not others and I’m still not used  to the one I’m working on now and it’s been a year, I don’t like it. I hate this keyboard. I like some. I don’t like others. This will be the only book I write with this keyboard. It’s junk. But no, I’m just kidding keyboard, please forget what I said, you tried your best. Ha..I’m talking to my keyboard now. Great…

Seriously need to look into getting a new typewriter for my new projects and a new keyboard for my computer. NOT YET. And I’m not the best typist in the world but when I am in the process and not worried about what I am going to do and nobody is going to see it right away and I can just make a mess of the canvass I’m pretty damn good and fast. SO WHAT?

I’m warming up my mind. I’m listening to the birds wake up. I’m the first one awake today and people will be going to celebrate Easter.

What is this post about. It’s about the moon. I’m trying to go into my head. I’m drilling into the internal thoughts of characters that never have existed for anyone else. I’m going into the world that I made. I’m going to meditate in writing and forget about how tired I am. I’m going to forget about everything but what I’m writing and what I have to finish. Word count and page number and how many words left doesn’t matter anymore because it’s time to get this shit done. I care. that’s enough. This is it. This is the last day or two that I have to work on this and then I can start something new. Get it done with boy and come back later and see how things are. Enough complaining and get this book  done and then figure what is up with the NEXT EVERYTHING.

The sun. Coffee done. Tired. Who cares? Nobody. Exactly. Fight on to live on to type something new. Maybe the next book will be the best thing yet, but for now, concentrate on what is left to complete.

Soft graceful fingers like nails going through the social construction of the alphabet. Sleep will see you soon. You’re awake, but it’s not the same for you as it is to other people. They have church. You have, work. Their story is complete. Yours is just beginning. Peace. 

*During the process of this book I’ve mapped out so much about the writing and editing process and being a writer kind of guy. This will be the last time I do that. It was interesting and a good experience but I’m going to take Hemingway’s advice after this project and not talk about the book I’m working until it’s done other than short completed drafts. I have some changes for this site coming up and how it will run. It will still be spontaneous once in a while, because that’s me, but it’s going to become more organized in ways and focused on various series.

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