TIME SLOTS WILL GO QUICKLY (calender cleared up, for summer)

Letter to Society #2

Politics? Society. A world, full of questions?

Lull, the sleepy-eyed boredom of the same ol’ damn status ol’?

Do you see a lack of seriousness and too much of this:

I need you to need me to like you…

Do you really want to know how good or bad things really are? You know, let’s lay it all out there and die showing that we can run this world? Who? Our generation.

Do you think, hey, I’m just a person on the street who likes a backwards ball cap and a pizza party like everyone else, just a dude or a lady who’s only trying to get… by, but at the same time, I (you) would like to know, you know, what’s up?

Yes. No. Not…..Yes?

And the end? The middle. No. No. Yes. The world has been given another chance.

What has happened has not happened, yet.

The journalistic ladies and gents and masters of words born and dead of the past, rest em’, but not good enough. Thank them and say good luck, and I (me) say this because if you want a story about what you do, an honest story of your colors and country and people doing things, your scene and serious looks, maybe your dance moves and tiresome acting and writing zenes and talks; your songs and spins and your grooves and hymns, maybe (wink) your surfing culture?…

Maybe Your underground boxing ring or future apocalyptic gang of fire starters; your craft or trade or band practice (snap snap snap) or even your cubicle well hey, this is your only chance.

What I’m saying is that (three month window) I’ll (official name as the U.S.A is concerned… West Vine Press) will document that real life stuff, ya’ dig?

I’m freeing up the next few months to go anywhere in the milky-way galaxy. You don’t have to pay me anything (for now and probably (unless you work for a larger organization that can pay me, because then you have to pay me before I even consider it). Anyway….so this is it:

Literally, I will go gonzo and investigate any story (Festivals, Cults, Aliens, Beats, Poets, Earth Worms, Space Stations, Moon Masses, Motorcycle Madness, Vampires, Wars, Your average human Mayhem) that you send me.

You say where and when and I’ll be there to tap…. tap… tap, and with a regular working man kinda serious look I’ll say, well what do we have us here?

After that goes down,  well who knows, but people will either say, man, that (you or them or society) person needs to improve and take things a tad’ more seriously  or, I don’t like them, and who knows why they might say that (I’ll explain to you why after the piece is done)….WAIT, or they might just say, holy hot scotch, that lady human or dude man human person (you!) is really super cool and not just another poser (still and always, human).

This is a once in a lifetime chance for you and your children. Ha…(joke) they might not put you in a home because of this.

And NOT for you?

That’s what they call, a subjective choice for the doomed (wink), but still, tell your pals and the gang at the wine party, the bowling league, the wall street high fivers union, the….anything.

What? Listen:

What I’m saying, is that if you can LIKE! what I’m throwing down and you really want to know, well you’ve come to the right place and just have them (or you) message me. I’ll see what it’s all about, and then what? This:

The future will make the decision about what’s up with your spot in the overall, history, of this what-have-you.

Nobody knows really, what is going to happen, other than the story, but hey, this might end up making you feel better about your social goals, save integrity within journalism and literary writing, or it might have you   reevaluating your life as you can’t sleep the night before you say sure why not; the night before the morning you take the Socratic March and go sign up for community college the following Monday. (HA.)


Andrew H. Kuharevicz

leave comment, or, Anrew.h.kuharevicz@gmail.com 

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